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Chicago Heights Steel 5 1/2' Green Stud T-Post

Chicago Heights Steel 5 1/2' Green Stud T-Post


 Studded T-Post, Green With Aluminum Top, Made From Rail Steel, Clips Not Included, Order TV #154-307. Easy to use. This product is highly durable. This product is manufactured in the United States.

These Studded Tee posts are made from rail steel. Like the rails that support and flex under the weight of a train, our posts have the same combination of strength and resiliency - guaranteeing a minimum yield point of 50,000 PSI and an ultimate tensile strength greater than 80,000 PSI.

Posts are made weather resistant by an industrial quality finish coat of Green paint (other colors upon request). Some post tops include an accent color and can also be reflectorized as a special order.

Posts are packaged five to a bundle with a 200-piece master bundle. Each post comes with 5 wire t-post clips.

Please contact us for current pricing and availability.